Greetings from the World’s Loudest Librarian

I’m starting this blog as a way to compile all the web resources, books, craft ideas, songs and fingerplays that I have relied over many years as a children’s librarian.  I hope you find something useful to help you plan storytimes, answer reference questions or find great books to read.  Please reply with your favorites too.

Just a little background: I do a weekly family storytime for all ages at a library in Northern California.  I usually read four or five books, with songs or fingerplays in between, then have the kids play simple instruments (maracas and plastic tamborines) along to a song on the CD player, and end with a simple craft.  For years I resisted crafts (I was actually a little terrified of them, along with puppets and flannelboards), but then I had to fill in for a colleague who used crafts every week.  Since then I’ve been converted: the kids love the chance to use their creativity and their parents love the chance to talk to each other and to help their kids with an easy project.

Most of the project ideas are ones I’ve stolen from the many wonderful preschool web sites out there.  I owe the creators of those sites some serious chocolate, and I’ll try to recognize them here.


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